trees depicting life is my friend
trees depicting life is my friend

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trees depicting life is my friend

HeartCollage™ and SoulCollage®

HeartCollage™ Groups I am a certified SoulCollage® facilitator. As I ran my groups I began to work a bit differently than traditional SoulCollage®. HeartCollage™ grew out of SoulCollage® for me. Although I am not currently running any HeartCollage™groups. SoulCollage® is available from other therapists. For more information go to

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Jennifer Lehr

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT

JENNIFER J. LEHR, LMFT Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT, is an author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and the founder and creator of WeConcile®, a relationship restoration program for couples, now coming out as an app, January 2022. Jennifer…
Psychology of Transformation

Psychology of Transformation

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The Psychology of Transformation; Mapping out the Path of Co-Creating a New Reality I have written this article for people who are in the process of transformation, and who are interested in living out of their own internal compass, rather…
trees depicting life is my friend

What If I Decided That My Life Is My Friend?

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As I watch people struggle in their lives (and because it is not my life I often have more perspective then they do), I sometimes see what they need to let go of. Maybe they are getting sick because it is the only way they can begin to relate…

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