SoulCollage® Process Group Images

Thank you to all the wonderful photographers and artists whose images inspired us to recreate and discover our inner and outer worlds. Because we use images cut out of magazines, there is no way to give attribution to the images we use. Because of this, we don’t use SoulCollage in a commercial way. The collaged images are used to help us gain insight and grow rather than as art to be displayed. 

One of the ways of working with SoulCollage is to find the voice of the card. Often the voice of the card starts with the phrase, “I am the one who….”

For example, “I am the one who has access to magic.” Or “I am the one who feels deeply.” Our card voices are limitless.

When we find the voice of the card, we are allowing it (and an aspect of ourselves) to speak.

Consider making a card for

Your inner poet

Your inner artist

Your inner witch

Your inner business person

Your inner child

Your inner critic

Your spirit guides

Your heart

Your body

Your inner mother or father

Your inner philanthropist

Your inner savior of others

Your inner fighter

Your inner protector

You can also work with these ‘parts’ in SoulCollage. Similar to Voice Dialogue and Internal Family systems. This is a psychospiritual way of working. We are discovering how we are constructed, what our deeper needs are, and what the universe or our guides may be telling us.

  • Identify, describe and name the different elements of the card or the entire card itself.
  • For each card or element, you will be asking it what it has to say about:
    1. Its needs and desires
    2. Its talents
    3. Its job, duties, or work
    4. Its fears or anxieties
    5. How it reacts when it is afraid
    6. Its benefits for the card maker (safety, protection, guidance, etc.)
    7. Is it connected to any of the other elements in the card or any other cards? How?
    8. What are its strengths?
    9. What are its weaknesses?
    10. What is its role or purpose?
  • Give each card or element a voice.
    1. How does it describe itself?
    2. What does it have to say to the cardmaker?
    3. What does it have to say to any other elements or cards?

SoulCollage is not only a creative activity, but it is also a group activity where we learn to support each other in the expression of our voices.

I also often use SoulCollage to enact a sort of psychodrama, where the cards speak to each other or several people’s cards begin to communicate. All kinds of amazing insights come out of this process.

We can use the cards as a form of psychodrama. For example:

  • Let the cards speak to each other and answer a question if there is one.
  • Let two cards develop a dialogue. Different people speak for different cards.
  • Ask a question and let others pull cards for the answers and speak for each card.
  • Or we can allow the elements within one card to speak to each other.

When I run a SoulCollage process group, I help each individual find the voices for their cards and how those voices relate to their lives – both conscious and unconscious.

And I help each member of the group open up their intuition as they find the voice of their cards and work in various ways with the cards in group activities.

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 These SoulCollage® Cards were created by me.