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Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT, is an author, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and the founder and creator of WeConcile®, a relationship restoration program for couples, now coming out as an app, January 2022.

Jennifer received her MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Montecito in 2002. She is versed in Jungian thought and Gestalt theory. She has run art therapy groups and currently runs an art collage group, helping others find their inner voices and creativity.

Jennifer has a unique meld of qualities – a highly developed intuition and the ability to channel as well as academic training and education. These combined factors come together into a unique meld. She is a healing witch who is not woo-woo but grounded in academic knowledge and science.

As a highly trained relationship expert, Jennifer specializes in educating couples on the relationship skills they need to build a solid, connected, and loving partnership.

Jennifer has written about relational health and wellness as well as healing and living our best lives for various print and online publications and has been featured on numerous podcasts. She currently has two different blogs.

From Jennifer

As I’ve lived and grown, I’ve become more aware of the importance of keeping an eye on our inner lives. It is so easy to get caught up in survival. It is in our inner lives we find parts of ourselves that need our attention so that they may develop and grow.  As we are confronted by difficult events in our lives, these parts are calling to us to look within so that we may attend to areas that are wounded and wish to grow and more fully integrate into who we are.

As you grow and evolve, you may find the need to step out of the noise and into the quiet. This is where we replenish and recharge. This is where we ponder and gain insights and new perspectives. Give yourself permission to nurture this part of yourself.

Life is a practice, similar to any other practice. It requires focusing on staying awake moment-to-moment. Shifting from the habitual and automatic to a more organic way of being is called for. It asks us to recognize that we can transform our lives into things of beauty if we allow ourselves to open to new positive ways of being.

Wishing all a beautiful and fruitful journey filled with magic and grace.



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  • Family Therapist Magazine
    • Becoming Adult: The Role of Education in Couples Therapy.

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  • Past Wellness Advisor for LoveWellness


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  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (TRI EFT Alliant)
  • Pacific Gestalt Institute (PGI)
  • The Saturday Center for Psychotherapy
  • An Adventure in Intimacy Workshop with Hedy and Yumi Schleifer
  • Hold Me Tight Workshop with Sue Johnson
  • Domestic Violence Training Certification
  • The Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • SoulCollage® Facilitator
  • Healing the Indigo Child Workshop
  • Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, California
    License #MFC 41726