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Writing I AM Witch

When I started writing I AM Witch, I didn’t know it was going to be a book about being a witch, about the wild feminine, about intuition. I just knew I needed to write it. I had done a lot of writing over the years that wanted to be seen, and deep inside, the call to write a book was still there, hidden under all the to-dos of life.

As I put the book together, I began to see that it was about honoring our world and other dimensions, that it was about healing and stepping into our power. I began to see that it was about inviting people in and showing myself.

The book became what it wanted to be. There were guides and angels who whispered to me as I wrote. And so the book was written.


I AM Witch – The Art of Becoming is a spiritual journey that de-pathologizes witches and helps us reclaim our wild feminine, intuition, and inner voice, bringing us into deep layers of healing. It is only by acknowledging our entire selves that we can heal and step fully into our empowerment.

We often don’t realize our witchy skills and how valuable they are – both for ourselves and those we share this world with. Nor do we understand the art of becoming. In this spiritually focused story, Jennifer J Lehr, LMFT, details the journey that led her to develop the skills of a witch. She explores why we keep our witchy selves hidden, how we must descend into our wounds to heal and fully develop, how we may be called to heal others, the need to honor spirit, learn to love, and the magic we can conjure for ourselves and our world.

I am currently represented by Susan Mears Literary & Film Agency, and we are seeking publication.

You can read some of my other writing on my Blog, Medium.com, or on Instagram @i.am.witch.book.