I AM Witch: The Art of Becoming

You may not know that I finished writing a book (I AM Witch: The Art of Becoming) this past year. I am represented by Susan Mears Literary and Film Agency. We are currently sending the book synopsis and sample chapters to publishers.

I AM Witch, is a book about the value of our intuition and feelings – our deep inner knowing. A book about the qualities of the feminine. A book about expanding our consciousness. A book about being a witch, what it is to be a witch, and reclaiming these parts of ourselves that society has not nurtured, validated, or honored.

Think about these qualities: Collaboration, Open-heartedness, Intuition, and Compassion. Feelings, Wisdom, Receptive.

And these: Logical, Analytical, Action-oriented, Objectivity, and Assertive.

While these are not attached to gender, they represent feminine and masculine qualities.  How many of us have had aspects of ourselves put down. Like when someone says, “You’re too emotional.” Or wants us to be logical instead of allowing us to follow our dreams. Or how our earth has been polluted because we do not honor our bodies, and consequently, the body of the planet.

You can get a taste of some of my newer writing snippets below.


I’ve been putting out Croquis (quick sketch poems) on my IG and FB pages. You can read some of them below.

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There Is a Place for Heartbreak

Yesterday, I pulled out my pendulum.

“I cannot sleep,” I wailed.

For world events have me twisted and broken hearted.

“What can I do?” I pleaded.

“Remember,” I heard a voice say,

“the years of ache that woke you.

How you reached down and up

to become more

then what was.

How you were birthed

through pain.”

There is a big place to stand

Spanning beyond one life,

a string of lifetimes.

Only in that perspective

can we see

there is a place for heartbreak.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT

I Walk to Me

Finally, I hear a sound and it is mine.
My sound, sweet sound, above the din.

A road unwinds with each step.

Each foot placed down on the earth firmly roots.

My walk and I am singing on it.

I am singing to be out in the sun.

I am singing my sound and rejoicing.

I leave people and towns behind.

I walk to me.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT

When I Knew

Years ago

in Philadelphia

walking from my home.

I am in a short dress and heels.

It is dark.

The neighborhood not good,

the kind an art student lives in.

I walk past a man.

My skin prickles.

I walk off the sidewalk, into the street,

pretend I know nothing.

I am ready

and turn

when he is

three feet behind me

his arms outstretched

ready to grab.

I swing my purse

at his face


my hate, my anger, my outrage.

Over and over.

I am lucky he runs

from the rage I have

at my father.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT


Worry circled in my head

Round and round it wore

a path, a track, a rut.

I could not get free.

Worry was so loud,

it drowned out

everything else.

The small quiet voice

of intuition

could not be heard.

But I began

to sort,

ask myself

what is this? And that?

Slowly there became two piles.

One light and sparking.

One heavy and dull.

Clarity emerged

like the surface of clear still water.

And I began to say,

no, not you.

Yes, you.

And intuition sprung to life

and guided the way.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT


“You are lucky,”

someone once said to me.


the ten thousand years

dark and knotted

I unfolded through.

The snarls that grabbed me

The shattered bones


and the crushed heart


crimson into dry dust.

I wailed, my thin voice snaking

towards the heavens

God, where are you?

Why have I been forsaken?

Slowly, my eyes turned inward

The untangling began

The books I read

How I practiced

trust, good will, kindness

how I came to believe

in possibility.

One day,

the planets aligned.

A cosmic window


An opportunity.

I raised my foot.

I stepped through

into sun sparkles.

The incantation

of ten thousand years


a different note

a higher octave

on and on.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT


Two large Canadian geese

are in the yard

Doing geese things

standing, sitting,

eating grass.

Their black feet


One with a foot lifted into

the warm down of its underbelly.

They seem to be enjoying

the gray damp day.

A magical day

of moisture, and translucent drops

clinging to branch and bud,

of a smooth gray sky

enveloping and wrapping.

Their work is perhaps

closer to play

to being

to breathe in moist air,

to feel the harmony of this moment.

Perhaps I can


into my cells

this quiet peace.

Perhaps I can banish

old messages

that carve my life

into work and not work

and have it all merge,

melt together

into one unending

magical existence.

Jennifer J. Lehr, LMFT