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The Magic Cake: The Seven Ingredients of a Relationship-Ready Person

Is it time for you to get Relationship-Ready?

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A former friend once said to me, “I could have had him.” She was talking about the man I was in love with, who is now my husband. This person viewed ‘getting’ a relationship as if it were a fishing expedition. What she missed was that finding a true love relationship has nothing to do with fishing and a lot to do with becoming a person someone else wants to be with.

There are three big questions to ask and answer as we proceed down our relationship-ready path:

  • What needs to be developed in ourselves?
  • Who have I picked or who do I usually pick and why?
  • And if you are already in a relationship, what do we need to learn in order to make our relationship work?

Creating a true love relationship with another asks us to develop specific qualities in ourselves. These qualities or ingredients are the key to “making a magic cake” with our beloved.  Making this magic relationship also requires that we trust we can manifest this person – a person who we love, a person who adores us and who wants to build a relationship with us.

In this book, you will read stories about other couples and their struggles as well as some of my own stories. You will learn what makes a relationship work, and what does not. And you will be guided to develop these ingredients, becoming that person who can manifest the relationship of their dreams.

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