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We are all confronted with both the limitations and possibilities of our lives. What we do within the confines of our lives can create disaster or great growth. Making the most of this experience called life means engaging with it consciously. I use both my clinical and personal experience in my writing.

My writing focuses on improving relationships, enabling personal development and self-actualization, as well as connecting more to the spiritual.

Jennifer’s Blog contains my more personal writing about my observations and life experiences.

Healing Tips Blog contains more specific writing for relationship and individual self help.

Blog Archives has the material of both blogs, alphabetized.

You can also check out WeConcile’s Blog for relationship help. Whether you want to have a better sex life, feel more connected, fight less, or address some other relational issue, WeConcile’s Blog has a variety of articles to help.

Jennifer's Blog

Jennifer’s Blog

Healing Tips Blog

Healing Tips Blog

Blog Archives

Blog Archives


Quite frankly, I love to read and write. Both have opened up doors of insight, self growth and relational growth for me.

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