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WeConcile® came into being because of my own experiences both as a marriage and family therapist and as a person dealing with my own relationships.  As I both trained as a therapist, and struggled in my own marriage, I learned more and more about what worked – and what did not work. I eventually divorced and started over again – with much better results. I’m happy the pain of a distressed and failing relationship is behind me, and I want to help other on their path to successful love.

It started as an idea – could effective relationship help be available at a price anyone could afford? Could it rely on other sources of support rather than a therapist?  Could people heal by learning the same skills therapists learn and relying on the support of others who were a few steps ahead on the same path?

We are not well schooled in relating.  Although we study many subjects and learn many skills both in school and throughout our lives, how many of us have taken a class on how to have a healthy and happy relationship or how to “be” in a healthy and happy relationship?   How many of us experience relational difficulties that we don’t know how to solve? I know I did.

If you can find a skilled therapist, couples therapy can really help. But it is expensive – many couples today cannot afford it.  Even among those who can afford it, many feel uncomfortable with the process of sharing the issues of their most intimate and important relationship with another person.

I believe people deserve more options in getting help for their relationships.  I also know personally, how painful disconnection in a relationship can be.  Feeling misunderstood, unloved, or alone can bring up grief, frustration and even desperation.

Intimate relationships are among the most important parts of our lives.  The purpose of WeConcile® is to help you build your intimate relationship into one that is deeply healing, loving and satisfying.

Jennifer Lehr MFT, 2011

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